Types of massage in Tooting and Balham offered by Touch Therapies

Touch Therapies offers massage in Tooting and Balham with 30min, 45min, 1 hr and 1.5 hr appointment times. Each treatment is tailored to suit your specific needs at the that time, whether it be a need to help loosen up your back and shoulders, release tension in your legs or a relaxing holistic massage.

Massage in South West London

Deep Tissue Massage works into the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic and acute muscular tension. Slow, deep, relaxing techniques are combined with pressure and trigger point work to give therapeutic benefits. This is an extremely effective treatment for problem areas such as stiff backs, necks and shoulders; muscle injuries, aches and pains in general.

Sports Massage uses a variety of deep tissue techniques such as trigger point work and stretches such at soft tissue release and MET stretches to help restore function and speed up recovery of over-strained muscles.

Holistic Massage is a relaxing and lighter treatment compared to a deep tissue treatment. This treatment concentrates on relaxing both the body and mind.

Pregnancy Massage is a safe, rebalancing, relaxing treatment to help relieve the more uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy such as back ache, leg cramps and fluid retention. Massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive way and prepare you for the birth of your child.

Combined Treatment Depending on your problem area or if you just want to come along for a stress relieving session, we can offer a treatment to suit you. We can combine deep tissue, holistic, pregnancy treatment, reflexology, facial and head massage.

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“I see Suzie regularly for a 90 minute sports treatment and I consider it a vital part of my running training and recovery. She always manages to iron out any aches and pains and leave me feeling refreshed and repaired. Suzie is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable and I am delighted to recommend her to new clients.”

Laura, Balham

“Suzie is a fantastic therapist, who has the ability to find the knots, and get rid of them! She is professional, friendly, and able to tailor each treatment to how you are feeling that day. Totally recommended!”

Liz, Balham

“I met Suzannah after a very traumatizing cycling accident. Suzannah is a unique therapist whose healing nature puts you at ease while her hands do magic to sore and over-worked muscles. Suzannah is different to any other therapist in that she takes a personal interest in helping you to achieive balance throughout your body. Through my sessions with Suzannah I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage.”

Katrina, Clapham

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